Bandwidth is used to determine the limit of the data usage. This will normally be provided by your internet service provider based on the internet plan what you have selected at the time signing the agreement with them. The plugin helps you to decide the amount of monthly bandwidth is required for your website. Bit Pak’s hosting calculator is often used by web hosting sites and their customers to find out their requirements in terms of bandwidth. You can find more details about bandwidth and plugins at You will find more details about bandwidth here below

The plugin is the main deciding factor on how much bandwidth is needed for your website. This is calculated based on the web page size and based on the user page views. This can be found in the sidebar widget.

· The amount of bandwidth is also will be mentioned in the part of the agreement while you are entering into a contract with your internet service provider. You can only use the internet services within the limit of bandwidth which is offered to you as per the terms and conditions in the agreement. Bandwidth is the usable limit of internet services provided by a particular website. This will be decided the by the internet usage type and the amount of incoming and outgoing connections which are hitting the server. The internet network has the power to connect millions of computers together

· If you are an individual user, then it will be easy to determine your usage level and according to you can ask your internet service provider to offer a plan which is the best suit for you. Even it will be easy to calculate the bandwidth requirements for small industries, but at the same time, you have to go for very high-end bandwidth capacity for doing their business. They should able to handle a very high level of internet traffic without any hanging issues or slow loading issues due to high internet traffic.

· Bandwidths are calculated in bits and they are grouped together and called bytes in order to measure the bandwidth easily. One GB is equal to 1024 megabytes. One GB is enough to download a standard definition full movie. Internet traffic is normally defined by the bits being transferred by the internet connection at the point of time.

· The speed of the data transfer depends on the number of users using the connection the connection at the time. If there are many users are sharing one internet connection at the same time then the data transfer will slow down and it will slowly allow the users to transfer the data one by one. It is good to have good bandwidth offer from your internet service provider to have a better experience while transferring data.

· There are two methods where you can find out how much bandwidth actually requires for your website. One method is to find out the bandwidth with the help of images and videos which are downloaded by the visitor and another one without of these two items. You require the average number of daily visitors, average number of page views and an average number of downloads to find out the bandwidth requirements.

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