Where Are The Search Engines Headed This Year?


Predicting the future can be a tough task, especially when it comes to setting SEO goals as the search engine algorithms as constantly updated and keeping up can be tricky even for experts. Anticipating the future moves of the search engine companies by collating data from their past announcements and acquisitions is one way an SEO specialist can arrive at the possible trends that might take off in the coming months. Several SEO companies including seo experts north east England have assessed the SEO situation existing right now. Let us review some of the predicted future trends in this field. Here, we will check the new patterns formed in the SEO matrix with the help of marketingland.com.

The ever-evolving SEO scene can be unkind to people who are not paying attention to the emerging trends in this field. Simple keyword inclusions and link building will not help your client’s business anymore.

Mobile Search
This is touted to be the next big thing in the SEO industry. The companies that do not switch over to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are going to be left wondering what hit them. Search engines, particularly Google, have announced their mobile preference through their mobile-first indexing. Mobile devices are all poised to take over their desktop brethren when it comes to online traffic. So, it is an ‘adopt or perish’ situation.

Machine Learning To Become More Important
Search engines like Google are using machine and deep learning tools more extensively in all facets of search. We can expect improvements in the Hummingbird algorithm being rolled out regularly – possibly to understand the way users pose conversational queries more intelligently and to update its algorithm accordingly. Machine learning is all set to leave its mark on other areas like data interpretation and marketing automation as well.

Voice Search
Voice search is an important project which will take wings in the near future. With improving technology, the error rate in voice search has come down considerably and it is expected to fall further. Moving on from voice recognition to voice understanding, this technology aims to use previous searches, location-based context, personalized info etc. to fine tune its functions. Siri, Google Now and Cortana have become an important part of our lives and they are going to gain even more significance as they bring with them the convenience of being fast and hands-free.

App Preference
In the recent years, there has been a tremendous improvement in the SEO options open for apps. Starting with deep linking of content found within these apps, there is a lot of development in app streaming which allows the user to stream the content of the app without downloading it to your mobile. This year, we might see search engines showing more favoritism towards apps. Apps have not yet completely replaced the traditional websites; but, that day isn’t too far.

While we don’t recommend that you jump the gun and completely overhaul your SEO strategies, maybe it is time to become aware of these new developments that can potentially influence your SEO good practices.